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Printing is one of the bizarre part in all these years of my programming experience where i sometimes ran out clue and started figuring out solutions with guess work sometimes. It could just be that i was not good enough or could be that the thousands of different types of printers to handle were just not easy to tame. However it be, i landed up to a stage where i could address it quite fine to my requirements.

What is WPF Print Engine ?

WPF Print Engine makes is easier for .net developers working with WPF applications to leverage printing facility.

It is a standalone component that takes in few required and optional parameters to give encapsulate developers from all heavy lifting in order to deal with printing.


WPF print engine comes with the following features at the moment :

  • Smart print preview to see what it would look like on after printing on the printer and paper you selected
  • Support for changing printer preferences directly
  • Scale page content in the print preview to fit in less pages
  • Turn on/off page numbers
  • Asynchronous printing directly to printer
  • Any WPF Visual Support
  • Any WPF FrameworkElement Support
  • DataTable Support

More Details on Usage and Demo at :

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